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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Food For Thought with a little FAITH added in

Hey all. It's been a busy 28 or so hours since we planted ourselves at my aunt and uncle's house in Winter Haven, FL. We haven't chatted so much on our entire trip as we have in the last day, and we are loving it. Having a place to settle into for a few days is fantastic and clean laundry = HEAVENLY! It's nice to see some family too.

Matt and I headed to a flea market today in Auburndale; one that I have been to probably 15 times in my life [no joke.] Guess what... I still got turned around. Matt had to redirect me and lead me back to the car, and he's only been there twice! Thank goodness I married someone with an intact sense of direction! I'd never get anywhere I wanted to go! We did a little Christmas shopping [I wonder who it's for?! :)] and I picked up a neat glass necklace. It very well might be plastic, but the signs say glass and frankly, I don't really care! It was cheap and it's pretty, so I love it. I've been necklace-free for an entire month now, so having a necklace on felt superb!

We headed to Mass with Andrea and Fred this afternoon and then we had the BEST spaghetti dinner, ever. Fred adds some extra veggies and spices to regular spaghetti sauce and it's to die for. Seriously. For someone as picky as me with veggies, I even ate some of the mushrooms and peppers. They were that good.

Tonight, we all shacked out on the couches and watched "Just Cause." Anyone ever seen that movie? It's old, 1995. But it was a nail biter. It's amazing that I even had nails to bite since I'm a chronic nail biter, but I found some!

Tomorrow, we head to Fort Desoto Beach [or something like that] on the Gulf coast in search of shells and sand dollars. I'm praying and hoping for some good ones; I've never collected sand dollars before. No worries, the ones that we look for a dead. The living ones go back in the water!

Oh, and Andrea is an avid jewelry maker/beader and she showed me some of her masterpieces. Let's say I think I've found another hobby. I used to do some beading about 8 years ago, but I got out of it. I think I'll be getting back into it again; some of her pieces are absolutely lovely. There are these snowman earrings that are just the right mix of Christmas cheer and subtleness for them to be stunning. I'll post a picture soon, I took a few of the little darlings.

Before I sign off, I wanted to leave you with a quote that I heard on the radio yesterday that struck me pretty hard. They were talking about what God wants us to do and they said "Worry about nothing; Pray about everything." HOW TRUE IS THAT? I am about as far of a follower from this as is humanly possible; I have a worry jar that I've kept since I was a kid. I worry about everything, or at least it's my nature to worry about everything. But that quote is so true... worry is a wasted effort. It's wasted emotions and wasted time. Nothing comes out of it. Worry is not action. If I put as much effort into praying as I do worrying, my life would be so much different; I'd be so much more at ease. I bet I'm not the only one that would benefit from a little more prayer and a lot less worrying!

So. For tomorrow, let's all try to worry less and pray more. Who knows what could happen. I think at the very least, we'll all have a little better, happier, lighter-feeling day. What do you say, are you in? I am!

God bless you all and let's all have a little more faith.


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