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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Underwater World

I have always been a fan of snorekling, and that was just in the murky waters of Minnesota mine pits. Seeing crappies and sunnies underneath the water, in their natural habitat was lovely to me. Then I got the opportunity [multiple times actually] to snorkel in the tropical waters of Maui and Oahu, and wow, it's an entirely different underwater world than the one I'm used to back home! I don't want to say that it makes snorkeling in the mine pits back home seem lame because I will still enjoy that when I am back home and that's the only snorkeling option, but really... this makes everything else seem pretty boring in comparison. The colors of these fish, and even of the coral, look like they are right out of an artist's paint pallette. God is pretty wonderful to be able to make such amazingly beautiful creations! I had a blast with my underwater camera, checking out the world that goes on below the surface of the Pacific.
These are a few of my favorite shots:
[this guys looks magestic and crabby at the same time]
[this parrot fish was curious about me, coming straight at me with his beak open wide.
i quickly backed up while trying to not panic :)]

[two world here, the one above the waterline and the one below it.]

[crazy and beautiful schools of fish, flowing and thrashing with the current.]

[a magical looking parrot fish.
i think it looks like this fish is radiating the flourescent colors of highlighters.]
It's hard to believe that this underwater world is fully functioning and thriving below the surface while we go on about our daily lives above that same surface. These fish, full of unbelievable beauty, are there for our appreciation, if we just take the time to look.
God is good; thank you for such amazing beauty!

1 comment:

  1. Laura, we loved all of the underwater pictures.
    The fish are so beautiful and colorful.
    ~MOM and DAD~


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