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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Technology, grrr

Does anyone else have explosive anger toward failing technology? I was called 'moderately overreactive' by Matt today, or something like that, which is sometimes true. Not towards everything, but technology? YES. I get so frustrated by malfunctioning technology because I haven't the FAINTEST idea how to fix it. Computers especially... I shouldn't even start venting.

Tonight, I logged onto a site to manipulate a site I am tinkering with and I was met with a message saying that my pop-up blocker is preventing me from accessing the page. I followed every. step. they. listed. Multiple times, even. I put my pop up block on OFF. Still, I couldn't access the page. This is a page I accessed multiple times a few weeks ago from my same computer without changing any settings. Now, I was met with constant error messages. I got onto Matt's computer to try the site there. Now mind you, his computer is an older, cheaper, more ornery machine than mine [unsually]. Guess what?? It worked just fine!!! His response wasn't all that calming ["haha, my computer is better than yours"] and I just got madder and madder at my computer. Finally, I set it to virus scan and set it aside. I decided to use my flash drive to transfer the files I needed and make the alterations on Matt's computer. [I still have NO clue why I can't access this site though!]

That brings me to this present moment. My computer is [2 hours later] still completing a virus scan, and the photos I have been uploading are just now nearing completion [one hour later]. Have I mentioned how impatient and annoyed I get by computers? Haha, oh yeah, I think I did.

Maybe that's a sign I should get off the aggrivating machines and head to bed!! That's a thought!! Instead, I'm lounging on an air mattress in the living room while Matt is on overnight duty [probably his last ever!]. But I suppose it is about that time.

Technology will always be one of those hate it/love it things with me. For those who can go off the grid, I don't know how they do it. That's another topic for a different day though.

Goodnight to all and as of tonight, we have 13 days left until Matt starts terminal and 15 until we leave for CA!

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