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Friday, September 18, 2009

Only Days Away!

It is now Sept 18th and yes, it is FRIDAY! Woohooo! The closer we get to Matt starting terminal leave, the slower the days seem to pass by. I know it's because our excitement just keeps growing, which in turn makes time seem to slow down. It is 2:20 pm, so Matt has about 2 more hours left of this work day, and then he has Monday, Tuesday, and until 12:01 pm on Wednesday, left in his Marine Corps career [as far as work days go.] I can't believe that... less than 3 full work days. Someone pinch me, am I dreaming this??? It is almost too good to be true.

With all good things though, come some not so good or delightful. Yesterday, we ran into a little road block with health insurance. Long story short, military insurance isn't going to [easily] let me visit my regular doctor back home, so I am going to have to wait until Matt and I purchase health insurance ourselves and go to my check up then. Let me tell you, I really realized yesterday, how THANKFUL I was and how EASY things were when I was a kid and had my parent's health insurance. Copay? Sure Mom, you handle that. Deductible? Huh, what's that? Life was SO much easier back then! Haha, but as time passes, we grow up, and we have to become those grown ups and get these grown up things for ourselves. Joy. Why don't they teach classes about that sort of thing in school? I had a class once on writing checks and making a budget etc which is fantastic, but I never learned about things like health insurance, mortgages, interest rates etc. With lots of kids not even going to college [although I did go to college and I still don't fully understand a lot of these topics completely], I think high school needs to be the place to start planting these seeds! But that's my own view.

I know you're probably all dying to know [haha yeah, right :)] what has been happening in the Radniecki house this last week since the last post. Here are the highlights:

- Matt and I did our last grocery shopping trip, which was supposed to last us until we leave island. I think we must have had the feeling that we were very likely going to starve to death so we bought more than we needed. LOTS MORE. We have enough meat to have a meaty dinner for two times the days we have left. Double the bread, double the tuna [I'll blame that one on Matt :)] Luckily, we've already cleared it with our friends, they will be getting whatever we don't eat when we leave. I think we might have been hungry when we went shopping too. That always gets me!

- Matt has got all but one signature on his check out sheet. He is just a few more appointments away from being fully ready to go on terminal leave. He gets more and more antsy every day.

- The packing process inches closer to completion. We have movers coming who are supposed to do most of it for us, but we intend to make it easy for them and have things in piles according to what should get packed together. We also have to decide what we need to have/wear/use before say - February when we finally unpack our TMO shipped goods, and anything needed before Feb needs to come with us, on the plane, to California. Easier said than done! I have already [very prematurely] packed away all of the clothes that I wear on a regular basis and so now I'm left to wear all of my reject clothes until we leave. Haha, I think this is a lesson to me, to buy only what I really love! I sure have clothes that I shouldn't have purchased, and I realize that more now...
The packing process and the last few days have been a learning process for a Type A person, like myself. I love organization and cleanliness and well... the process of packing is a disorganized and messy one. Especially when it is my "Type B+" husband doing the packing. Example: we have designated one bedroom as the 'bring to CA' room, and everything in there comes with us on our trip. Mine consists of several suitcases, neat piles, lists... you get the picture. Matt's side: a pile of clothes, dumped on the floor. We could be the definitions of A and B personalities, maybe that's why we compliment each other? :) I say type b+ because he has some very particular things that he likes done a certain way which brings him a baby step closer towards us A-freaks. This all makes for a humorous process, that much is sure.

- Yesterday, Matt had has last dental check up with the doctor. Result: 3 cavities. He spent the morning today getting them filled. The advice: more frequent brushing and MUCH more flossing. I have only have one cavity in my life [knock on wood] so I had to laugh a little. But not for too long. The numbness has worn off from his face now though, so he's feeling better. He can eat! Haha.

That sums up life around here for the last few days. Aside from that, I spent a ridiculous amount of time watching every season 3 episode of Boston Legal. We got the season from Matt's old Gunny, and one day I was having some Denny, Allen, and Jerry withdrawals, so I put in a disc. Then another disc. And another. Until three days and 7 discs later, I had watched 22 episodes [or maybe it was 24, I lost count.] I am now anxiously waiting until I get back to MN and I can pop in the Season 4 discs I bought for my parents last Christmas. Ohhh, the simple things in life!! :)

And that brings the update, pretty up to date! This weekend will be spent at our friends the Waggoner's daughter Madi's 2nd birthday party. Matt also requested that we go find him a U of Hawaii jersey before we leave island. Lots to do!

Have a blessed weekend, and if you are still having warm weather, enjoy it! For MN, those warm days are sacred!

Laura [and Matt.]

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