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Thursday, September 10, 2009


I was all flustered with my anti-technology post that I forgot to mention the thoughts I had today [yesterday actually because it's 1:26 am but oh well] about the date: 9-9-09. How amazing to think that this will never happen again, for another 100 [if you list 2109 as '09] or 1000 [if you go by the true aspect of '09 being 3009] years. We just experienced a day that is unique until all others. I know each day/month/year combo is unique but we only get a few of them where all the numbers are the same, so I like to cherish them. We only have three more years of them [10/10/2010, 11/11/2011, and 12/12/2012] until lots and lots of years pass before they come around again. Pretty crazy, is it not?

Here's a quote/idea for tomorrow: Let's try to focus on the good and the positive. If things happen that anger or frustrate or sadden us, let's try to shift our focus to something positive. I wonder what kind of day we will have if that is the motto we try to follow.

And just because, how about a photo of a lovely water lily? That's something to smile about.

1 comment:

  1. Very true quote and so worth to live by.
    something i have really tried to do lately and it has paid off!<3



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