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Monday, August 3, 2009

Sweet things from home.

There are a lot of things that I have learned that I really love in Minnesota, and I've learned them from being away. One sticks out tonight more than the others.

It's 7:11 pm and sunset is just around the corner. It's been cloudy for most of the day and tonight is no different. Right now, looking out the window, the sky and the world outside my window have a slight green tint to them. This reminds me of pre-storm weather in Minnesota.

1. It doesn't ever [ok sometimes, but it hasn't since I've lived here] storm in Hawaii. 2. I love lightening and thunder, as long as I am in a safe house, and not driving down the road when it's surrounding me.

In Minnesota, when a storm is brewing, and especially in the 'Tornado Watch/Warning' times, the sky/trees/air gets a weird greenish tint to it. That's when you know a storm is coming. It looks like that outside right now, but I know better than to expect rain and some booming tonight. Darn!!

It's funny how you can grow up in a place for your whole life, and complain about all the things you hate. "It's too small; there's nothing to do here; the weather is too cold; I can't wait until I can move." There are always things that people who grow up in any town, in any part of the country or even the world, will complain about. Now, having been away from Minnesota for going on 8 months now, I realize all the things that I LOVE about it! The trees, the lakes, the ease of navigating through the highways, streets, and neighborning towns. The SEASONS! Leaves changing, being able to wear different types of clothes as the seasons change... The list goes on and on... Those are things that I am excited to get back to, once we get back to Minnesota.


I KNOW that once we get back there, come about January or February, I'm going to be thinking to myself, or outloud on here, "I wish I could wear shorts and tank tops all the time like I did in Hawaii!" Or "I miss my flip flops!" ... there will be things that I miss from here, once I get home. I know there is no avoiding that.

I guess it's just human nature to always think that the grass is greener on the other side. Regardless if it's true or not, there's always something that we'll wish was different about a time or a situation, or even a place.

So. I guess my whole point is that I am excited to go home. Without a doubt, I am ready to be back in Minnesota. I have a whole new perspective on the state, and the people, and the dynamics of life back home. But at the same time, I am prepared to be missing the heat, the beauty [although Minnesota has a whole unique beauty of its own too], the beaches, the places/things unique to Hawaii... and the list goes on and on... once we leave. I guess I will just have to accept that as fact, because it is a part of our human nature.

As long as we realize that we can't change it, maybe it's ok then. If we know that the grass always SEEMS greener on the other side, but if we were there, we'd be thinking the same thing in reverse... then I think we are ok.

Well now that some time has passed while I type this, the world outside has gone from green to dusky green/black. I could wish all night for a thunderstorm and it wouldn't come, so I won't waste my time. I'll save the thunderstorms for Minnesota, because I know there are come big ones there! For now, I'll try to get my fill of the things that make Hawaii unique: Aoki's Shave Ice, snorkeling Shark's Cove, Waikiki beach and the gold/silver men... And I'll keep smiling because this life is a journey and an adventure. So far, it's been a really fun and great one!

Good luck to my parents as they embark on a Canadian fishing trip! I hope that they come back with stories and photos of big and plentiful fish.

Until next time... xoxo.


  1. You always miss what you had but I think that you will have a special spot in your heart for HI and cherish your memories..but your heart will also tell you where home is. And for you I think it's Minnesota :)

  2. Hels, you nailed it right on the head... I think you are totally right. The same was true for you, but with Sweden. I will always be so thankful for my time here in Hawaii and I'll cherish those memories forever. But Minnesota is 'home.'


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