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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Deployments eventually lead to Homecomings

Patiently waiting for the plane to land.

Nerves build.

Excitement grows.

American pride.

He's almost home. All those months alone are almost over.

Daddy is coming!

Smiles begin to replace nerves as time gets closer.

Finally it is time. He steps off the plane.

First kiss and first hug.

That first hug melts away all the lonely nights apart.

Someone has their Daddy back, and all is right in the world.

All smiles.

Can you feel his joy? I still can.

Right where they belong. Together.

Finally complete.
I had the privilege of photographing the Homecoming of two Marines returning from Afghanistan. Their wives [and one's son] were so excited and anxious, the nerves and tears were contagious. Being a Marine wife and two deployment survivor myself, I can absolutely relate. The distance and time apart seem to melt away as soon as they are back within your sights and you touch and hold them for the first time. All becomes right again.

Enjoy a walk through these beautiful reunions, and maybe offer up a prayer for the military that are still overseas fighting, and for their loves ones back home who are still carrying on without them.
Until they all come home...

xoxo - Laura

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  1. Laura,
    You captured the emotions of homecoming perfectly in your photos. I had tears in my eyes!


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