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Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Life in Instagrams - January 2014

January rolled in right after we spent a week in Florida over Christmas.

We had warm Florida weather and then in came January, with it's bitterly cold temperatures and it drove us indoors for days and days at a time.

School was cancelled in Brainerd FOUR TIMES in January because it was too cold. That almost never happens. If school is cancelled, it's because it's too snowy. My mom said it's been decades since school has been cancelled for it being too cold. And to have it cancelled FOUR TIMES in one month?! Unheard of!

This month's highlights:

-Being reunited with our Remy girl after her spending the week at the boarders while we were in FL.
-Simplifying our house, and getting rid of a lot of things.
-Matt continuing to grow his hair out until he couldn't take it any longer. Then he cut it all off.
-A Remy-Dad birthday celebration with great food.
-Reading great books.
-Staying warm, thanks to the heat dish.
-Putting together our 2013 photo book. [Another blog post to come about this.]


  1. Yay, congratulations on finishing your first ever photo book! Where did you order yours through?

    I think it's so important to make sure we are printing our photos and putting them in some type of book form or album form so that we can look back on them in the future! I'm so happy to hear you believe in that too!! :)

  2. I used Snapfish because it was easy and not too expensive. I was happily surprised at the flexibility they allow, because I really didn't want to use the cookie-cutter pre-made layouts. Their editor let me do any design I wanted in my book!
    One of my goals this year was to get my photos off my hard-drive and into something real. My Mom is scrapbooker but well.. ain't nobody got time for that! I'm excited to try another photobook later this year. :)

  3. Awesome! I have heard good things about Snapfish. Can't beat a good bargain!! :)

    Congratulations on achieving your goal of getting your photos off of your device and into your life! Just like Artifact Uprising's motto!

    Haha, I know - I used to scrapbook all the time, and while I loved it, I just don't have time for that lately! :)


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