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Friday, December 13, 2013

Giving Myself Permission to Enjoy the Christmas Season

Can you believe it's the 13th of December already?

If you're like me, that fact causes a little bit of hyperventilation. 

Not because I'm overwhelmed by the stress of the season. Instead, because it's going so fast.

I've been feeling a little weird lately; a little scattered. We got our first snow the 2nd of December and man, did it come down! Then, it turned bitterly cold and we're just emerging from days and days of sub-zero temperatures. That is enough to make anyone into a grouchy hermit; especially someone who works from home and has no reason to leave the house in the bitter cold.

This holiday season is one of change for us this year. My sister and Tony are officially back in Florida, for good. It's the first Christmas without my grandpa here. Matt and I, along with my parents are going to be traveling south to Florida for a week over Christmas, and will come back just in time for New Years. That means I'll be away from home for Christmas for only the 3rd time in my whole life.

Things look a little bare underneath the tree this year. With our trip to Florida, we decided to forgo presents with my family and instead, all 6 of us will be going on an air boat ride together. A fantastic use of our resources, I think. But nevertheless, things look a little lonely and bare underneath the Christmas tree this year. While I'm aware that Christmas not about gifts and monetary meanings, it further accentuates that this year's holiday is a little different than usual.

I feel the fleeting moments of this Christmas season slipping through my fingers. This precious time that I look forward to so much for the entire year, it's passing like sand through my tightly gripped fingers.

Every day, I sit down at my desk to work on year-end business tasks, or to draft up some blog posts, and I have trouble concentrating. There are Christmas movies to watch, crafts to make, and so many things vying for my attention.

I've got big plans for this space in the New Year. It's getting a major face lift with the help of my friends at Typeset Design and it will be a new home for a lot of fun things I have planned. I also plan to get back to the heart of my writing - I want to write more, for me. I want to write more about what fills my soul. What fills my mind. I feel like I haven't really written about much beneath the surface in a long, long time.

Until then though, I'm giving myself permission to focus on life outside business; life outside the internet. Life outside social media and life outside my computer.  For the rest of December, I'm giving myself permission to step back. I might stop in and post a thing or two in the mean time. But I'll mostly be watching Hallmark movies, snuggling Remy and soaking up these last precious weeks of Christmastime. 

Please join me in letting go of the noise, the stress and the angst these next couple of weeks. If you have shopping left to do, great. Go do it, but don't stress about it. Let's relax. Let's give ourselves permission to loosen up our to-do lists and only do the things that are truly necessary and important this time of year. The rest can wait. Just because we're pushing things back doesn't mean they aren't important. It just means they can wait until Christmas is over. Let's enjoy these last precious weeks; we deserve it. 

With love and wishing you a very Merry Christmas,


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