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Monday, November 4, 2013

The Larsen Family | Crosby, MN | Family and Child Photography

Tim is a photographer in the Brainerd area too.

Last month, I met up with him and his family as the colors peaked and we got one last hint of warm summer weather. His daughters are hilarious and lovely, just like their parents. It was so much fun seeing them all together, and being able to capture some photos of all 5 of them. That's the thing with us photographers - we rarely get IN the photos because we're always taking them.

Thanks for a fun morning, Larsen family! Enjoy!!
LarsenFamily2013_0003 LarsenFamily2013_0005 LarsenFamily2013_0008 LarsenFamily2013_0010 LarsenFamily2013_0018 LarsenFamily2013_0022 LarsenFamily2013_0026 LarsenFamily2013_0028 LarsenFamily2013_0036 LarsenFamily2013_0042 LarsenFamily2013_0046


  1. Great job Laura! Do you ever feel more pressure when you are photographing a fellow photographer?

  2. Thank you, Meghan!

    It's a little nerve-wracking, yes!! :) But the Larsen family is awesome, so I was quickly nerve-free!


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