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Friday, November 15, 2013

Taylor, BHS Class of 2014 | Brainerd, MN | Senior Graduation Photography

Taylor is a senior at Brainerd High School this year.

We met for his senior session on a gorgeous fall day - sunny and warm. The perfect day.

Taylor is a football player and a wrestler. You can tell he doesn't take life too seriously and he has a lot of fun, all the time. It was fun to trek through the woods with him and his mom, making photo magic happen.

Thanks for the great session, Taylor! Soak up the rest of your senior year, and good luck on your new adventures!
TaylorSeniorPhotos_0003 TaylorSeniorPhotos_0007 TaylorSeniorPhotos_0020 TaylorSeniorPhotos_0027 TaylorSeniorPhotos_0029 TaylorSeniorPhotos_0043

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