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Friday, October 18, 2013

Mel + Carl - Married! | Grand View Lodge | Nisswa, MN | Wedding Photography

Mel and Carl met in the Air Force, in Korea.

Their paths crossed again in Maryland, and now, they are on yet another adventure together, this time, on Oahu, Hawaii.

On a beautiful September day, with the sun shining and the leaves just beginning to change, Mel and Carl gathered together with their family and friends to become husband and wife. The new Mr. and Mrs. Lund.

After a heartfelt and tear-filled ceremony, the party began at Grand View Lodge. When Mel described her vision for her wedding day, she said "tulle, twinkly lights and candles." The decorators perfectly translated that into a wedding wonderland; the wedding of Mel's dreams.

They drank, toasted, kissed, and danced their wedding night away. And then left days later for yet another adventure, this time a honeymoon adventure to Costa Rica.

Mel and Carl - thank you for having me as your wedding photographer. It was a joy to be along side you throughout your wedding day, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you two. Matt and I are putting $$ away in our Hawaii Travel Fund! :)

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