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Friday, October 11, 2013

Amanda + Mike - Married! | Breezy Point Resort | Brainerd, MN | Wedding Photography

Amanda and Mike met while working at Poncho's Restaurant in Brainerd. The thing they first noticed about each other was their eyes. Funny, since they both have equally piercing, bright blue eyes.

Their daughter Penelope has those same mesmerizing eyes.

Several years after they started dating, on a rainy Saturday in September, Amanda and Mike celebrated their love by promising each other forever at Breezy Point Resort.

When you plan for an outdoor wedding ceremony, you know that there is always the risk of bad weather. As it turned out, no amounts of wishes or prayers could keep the rain at bay, so Amanda and Mike's ceremony was moved indoors. Maybe not ideal, but these two kept the bigger picture in mind - they were getting married, and that was all that truly mattered. Plus, the bride's sister ran around outside collecting raindrops because you know what they say - rain on your wedding day brings good luck and good fortune to your marriage!

Being in one place for the ceremony and reception maybe turned out to be a blessing in disguse because it gave Amanda and Mike lots of time to mingle with their guests and enjoy their closest family and friends. Then, toasts were given, cake was eaten, lights were dimmed, and the party started. And it continued long after the sun set.

Amanda and Mike [and Penelope!] - I am so grateful that I got the privilege of being your wedding photographer. It was such a beautiful day, rain and all, and I hope that these images always remind you of what a blessed day it was. I wish you all the happiness in the world as your adventures as husband and wife continue. xoxo! Laura
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