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Monday, August 26, 2013

The Peck Family | Brainerd, MN | Family Photography

Every year, the Peck family takes a vacation up north to the same cabin at the same resort. It is truly their home away from home.

Their youngest son is going to be a senior this year, so Lisa recognized that this could possibly be one of the last years where this beloved family tradition continues as it has for decades. 

In order to honor their treasured tradition, and to capture memories to look back on in the future, they had me come out to spend an hour with them at their favorite up north destination. We explored, laughed, and got eaten alive by mosquitos. We had a blast.

To the Peck Family - thank you so much for inviting me out to spend the afternoon with you guys! I hope these photos are a treasure to you as life begins to change and your traditions ebb and flow with it. Enjoy!
Peck2013_0002 Peck2013_0005 Peck2013_0016 Peck2013_0026 Peck2013_0030 Peck2013_0033 Peck2013_0035 Peck2013_0042 Peck2013_0047

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