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Friday, May 3, 2013

April 2013 - in Instagram Photos

April can be summed up by the following words:

Volatile Weather
We picked up our little poodle puppy Remy at the beginning of April.

Then, the rest of the month was filled with photos of her, usually sleeping since that is the only time I can get a photo without it being just a blurry streak of black.

We started the month with bare ground and a hint of spring in the air.

Then it snowed. And melted.

Then it snowed again.

And again.

Clearly, I'm excited for summer since two of my photos this month were of sunblock.

And sunshine - I know I'm not the only Minnesotan that is just CRAVING a good dose of sunshine. 

Matt and I also went to see the Gabriel Iglesias "Stand Up Revolution" comedy show at a local casino in April. I think he is absolutely hilarious and am so grateful we were able to go to the show with both of our families. A great memory!

Let's hope May's instagram recap has no snow photos in it, and that there are photos of open lakes and maybe a fish or two!

Happy May!


  1. I am just dying for some vitamin D! I told Adam I might have to start taking a supplement soon. Longest. Winter. EVER.

  2. Oh my gosh, Jess. I KNOW. I actually started taking a Vit D supplement this winter. I have no idea if it helped or not, because I'm still SO over the winter. BUT - fingers crossed, we might be out of the woods??? Come on spring/summer!!!!

  3. What a cute little gal! I hope you get your sunshine soon :)

  4. Thank you!! The sun is out today, so I am headed out to soak it up right now! :)


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