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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Planning Your Wedding: Part 3 - Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

So, you've chosen your wedding date, and you have determined what your wedding budget is. You have made your List of Importance so you know where you can cut corners and where you need to allocate most of your wedding budget: on the most important things [to you]. 

Most people choose their venue either as they choose their wedding date, or once they choose their date, and determine their budget. 

Venue choices are dependent mostly on what's available in your area, what the look/feel of your wedding is [classic/traditional vs country/rustic etc], and what your budget is. 

Once you choose your venue, your date is secured and the location of your wedding day is locked in. 

Now, you move down your List of Importance.

For many, the next thing on their list will be: Choose a Wedding Photographer.

The most important things to consider when looking for the perfect wedding photographer for you are two things.

1. Style
2. Budget

Some say budget is the most important thing to consider, and for some that is true. If you have $3000 to spend on a photographer, it's a waste of everyone's time to look at $10,000 photographers. 

However, making sure you like the STYLE of the photographer is far more important than looking solely at their price page.

Many photographers might fall in your budget range. But they might have vastly different styles, ranging from traditional posing, to vintage editing, to modelesque/magazine type posing, to a completely candid and photojournalistic style. The only way to make sure that you will love your wedding photos is to make sure you choose a wedding photographer whose work you completely and consistently love.

When examining the style of the wedding photographers you are considering, look at their websites and look at both the editing style and the posing style. 

When photographers have a consistent profile [meaning they have the same editing style/posing style throughout their work], that usually means that their work on your wedding will look the same as what is shown in their website.

If a photographer has a photo that's edited in a vintage way, and another that's edited in a very contrasty, colorful way, and another that's almost black and white but with a little color and other that's edited using a different style from the rest, keep in mind that this can create some doubt about what your wedding photos will turn out looking like. If you don't see consistent work, how can you know what your images will look like? Keep an eye out for consistency.

If you find a photographer whose style you really like and who you resonate with [read their About Me sections on their websites, and check out their Facebook pages to get a glimpse into their personal lives], and you think you wouldn't mind spending your wedding day with them by your side, then book them! 

In most areas, photographers book at least a year in advance for peak season, and for Saturday weddings especially. So if you find a photographer you love, move quickly and book them.

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