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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why I Love My TeuxDeux List

There are a few products, businesses, apps or services that have revolutionized my business and personal life so drastically that I need to share them with you. Some of you may already know about them and might use them, but some of you might not.

The first of these is TeuxDeux.

TeuxDeux is a simple To-Do List program. They have it as an app you can buy for the iPhone or iPad, and they offer it free as a desktop application through your web browser. Even though I have an iPad, I mostly use TeuxDeux when I'm on my desktop computer, online.

You can read all about the company and about their FAQ's here. They can explain the power behind the company better than I can.

I used to be the sticky note queen. You know - dozens of sticky notes all around my desk, on the floor, in my car etc etc etc.

Granted, I still use some sticky notes for things that TeuxDeux can't reach [like setting a note by the front door so I remember to take something from the refrigerator with me when I leave]. But my desk and mind are so much more organized and clear since I started using TeuxDeux.

Here's a screen shot of my TeuxDeux list below.

It's so simple to use, it's ridiculous. You simply type tasks in, and it makes you a list. If you finish something, you click it and it'll cross it off. If you don't finish something, it will automatically move it over to the next day.


And that bottom section that is OVERLOADED on mine?

That is the "Someday" section that lets you list items you want to do someday. It's full of my winter projects right now - projects that I thought of during the busy season and listed there to visit again when my workload slowed. 
Screen shot 2012-11-21 at 11.49.12 AM_1
Do you use TeuxDeux?

I think it would be even more powerful if I had a smart phone, because I'd have constant access to it, instead of just having the ability to add/delete tasks when I was at my computer. But even so, I'm completely in love with it and use it every single work day.

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think!


  1. I completely agree! It's funny how something so simple can make such a difference! I used to have notebooks FULL of to-do lists... and I spent half my time re-writing them, and updating them, and then I'd lose it, and have to write the whole thing by memory again. I love how I can schedule tasks for days ahead, or even weeks ahead, which is something you can't do very well with sticky notes ;)

  2. I know, Kelley! Same here! It helps to get things out of my mind and onto the list, and then I can move onto the next thing!!


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