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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Next Thing

These last few weeks have been an incredible whirlwind.

Wait, I've said that already, haven't I?

I think I have started each post from this last month with that same sentence.

But it's true.

Let's think though, when is it not true?

Isn't life always a whirlwind?

I always say "soon things will settle down."

And it seems like soon never comes. Once one crazy thing passes, another comes.

That is life, right?

For a type A, organization fanatic like myself, moving into a new house and unpacking is a crazy and stressful process. Like - "maybe if I close my eyes all the boxes will magically unpack themselves and fly themselves down to the recycle bin."

I feel like I want to do it ALL. RIGHT NOW. So it can be done. So things will "calm down."

Some very wise people have reminded me lately though, that it doesn't all have to get done today. Right now. 

It's ok if things take awhile and really, it is all a process.

So, in the middle of editing the last of my fall's portrait sessions, unpacking boxes and finding new homes for each knicknack and book I own, I took the advice of my wise friends and slowed down.

I sat in the sun at my kitchen table and read a book.

I gave myself permission to let things be chaotic and disorganized a little longer while I took a breather.

And then, after a deep breath, I moved onto the next item on my to do list.

Today, I'm giving you permission to do the same thing. 

Your house might need cleaning, your laundry might need to be put away. Maybe you have photos to edit, or blog posts to write. 

It doesn't matter what you have to do. There are always things we have to do.

Today, give yourself permission to take a breather, and to sit in the sun and read a book. Or take a bath. Or do whatever it is that is your equivalent of reading a book in the sun.

Then we will all pick up and continue on to the inevitable next thing.


  1. love love love this post!!:) love you!!!

  2. Thank you for the reminder!!! I'm soo stressed and look online daily for a possible wedding/reception location within our budget! Today I am not going to look! XOXOXO Luv, Aunt Tammy

  3. Thank YOU for the wise widsom, Julie! xoxo!

  4. The perfect venue is out there, and it won't matter that you are taking a break today. But YOU will be happy that you gave yourself a breather. Love you! xoxo


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