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Friday, October 19, 2012

Thomes Family | Brainerd, MN | Family and Child Photography

I photographed the Thomes family on one of the most spectacular fall nights I can even remember. The weather was warm, the sun was golden, and the leaves... Seriously - God's creativity is AMAZING.

We were going to photograph in the Thomes' yard, but their leaves weren't peaking yet. So we went to a nearby development that doesn't have any houses in it. Driving in, my mouth was hanging open, I was so stunned by the color. Brilliant yellows and oranges, and deep, rich reds. THIS is what Fall is all about!

Add to the amazing color this beautiful family of 6. The kids are super energetic and fun. And I could tell how much their parents simple love and enjoy them, by watching them all interact. The session could not have gone better.

To the Thomes': THANK YOU! What a way to capture your family's spirit and love; on one of the most beautiful days ever! I hope you adore these photos as much as I do!
Thomes_0002 Thomes_0005 Thomes_0009 Thomes_0021 Thomes_0016 Thomes_0024 Thomes_0026 Thomes_0036 Thomes_0042 Thomes_0046
P.S. Check out the family dog in the last photo. She's so patient and loving with the kids, but I think she's thinking "HELP! LET ME GO!" Sorry pup, I told them to love on you and squeeeeeeze!

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