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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This Is Fall

I don't have too many memories of Fall from my childhood.

Probably, because Fall always meant back to school, sports, pumpkin carving, and of course, Halloween candy. Then, it would snow.

I don't think I ever really looked at leaves much, or paid attention to the beauty that appears so quick and leaves even quicker.

The first year that I actually made a point to STOP and soak in Fall was 2008. I was done with college, and I wasn't working. I was biding time until January so I could move to Hawaii. Matt was deployed and much of my time was spent planning and making care packages to send overseas to him.

So in 2008, I started noticing the leaves. I took a lot of leaf photos and I even made a Fall scrapbook to send to Matt.

Since then, I have had a deeper appreciation for Fall, and the beauty of the very short season. My love of Fall is slightly tainted because I know what comes next. Snow, cold, Winter.

But it's been a good challenge for me to fight to stay in the present and to really enjoy the season that is RIGHT here, RIGHT NOW, in front of me.

And folks, in case you haven't looked out your windows yet, FALL IS HERE. And it's passing FAST. More leaves turn and fall off the trees every day, and pretty soon we'll be raking yards and bagging leaves. Pretty soon we'll be digging out our parkas and our hats and mittens.

But for now, it's Fall. It's gorgeous. And it's going to be gone soon. So get out, and soak it in! I dare you to stop and really look at a red Maple tree for 2 full minutes. I promise you will be happy you did.
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*Photo note: All images were shot in JPEG on the Vivid setting with very minimal contrast edits done in Lightroom. The leaves were really THAT pretty in person! I almost always shoot in RAW but decided to try to shoot in JPEG here to maximize the color and decrease post processing time.

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  1. It is spectacular out there and great photos to capture the beauty! I am not originally from MN so every year I DO soak in the glorious red leaves that I didnt see much if living in western Canada. My kids and I are collecting pretty red leaves everyday and enjoying this short but absolutely glorious season. Sounds like you have learned to enjoy it too :)


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