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Friday, October 5, 2012

Date Night In A Bag Blog & Being IN a Wedding

Today, I get to be IN a wedding, instead of being the one photographing it!

I will be walking down the aisle and standing up with one of my college roommates as she marries the man of her dreams.

I am so happy for you, Aud and Alex!


In other news, on Sunday, Matt is running his first ever full length marathon. He's running the Twin Cities Marathon, which for those of you not up on the running terminology is 26.2 miles. In a row.

I know. I'm tired just thinking about it.

I'm sure he'd love your positive vibes and prayers as he attempts to cross another thing off his bucket list.


Lastly, I wanted to direct those of you interested to the Date Night in a Bag Blog, found at www.datenightinabag.com/blog.

I am making a point to write a post once a week over there.

If you'd like to stay updated when those posts go live, you can either Like Date Night in a Bag on Facebook or subscribe to the blog by entering your email address in the subscribe slot in the right hand side of the Date Night in a Bag blog.


I will be on vacation next week, but have some posts that are scheduled to hit the blog while I'm gone.

Have a great weekend!

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