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Friday, October 26, 2012

Chelsey + Matt | Tip Top Resort, Minnesota | Engagement Photography

I love when couples have a history together. Matt and I are high school sweethearts with an almost 11 year history, so I relate and especially love when people have a long intertwined history as part of their love story.

Chelsey and Matt have a history. These two met first when they were 3 years old.

You read that right, THREE.

They became best friends and were pretty much inseparable. Every summer, Chelsey would go along on Matt's family vacation to Tip Top Resort in northern Minnesota.

Then, Matt's family moved away, but their vacations up north still continued.

College time came, and they decided to go to the same college so they could be near each other. But all this time, they were best friends and nothing more.

Not yet.

Finally, after two decades of friendship, they started dating. And then, this summer, at Tip Top Resort, where they had made so many memories as kids, Matt asked Chelsey to marry him.

She said YES, of course. And that brought them back up to Tip Top Resort this fall where I met them for their engagement session.

There was no better place to photograph them for their engagement session, than at the place where they swam, played, and helped Matt conquer his fear of the tall metal slide. Where their memories continued through the years, and where they went from being boyfriend/girlfriend to engaged this summer.

Chelsey + Matt - Thank you both so much for choosing me to photograph your engagement photos. I am in love with your love story, and I'm so glad you let me catch a little glimpse into your relationship. I wish you all the best in your wedding plans and in your marriage. God has amazing things in store for you two! xoxo, Laura
ChelseyMatt_0003 ChelseyMatt_0011 ChelseyMatt_0014 ChelseyMatt_0031 ChelseyMatt_0037 ChelseyMatt_0040 ChelseyMatt_0043 ChelseyMatt_0049 ChelseyMatt_0058 The photo on the left below shows Chelsey and Matt, holding a photo of the two of them from when they were kids. Seriously, how cute an idea is that? Chelsey and Matt - you guys are geniuses! I love how you incorporated your long history into the entire session. ChelseyMatt_0063 ChelseyMatt_0069

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