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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Outtakes

A few weeks ago, Matt and I spent an hour of our weekend taking some new profile images for my business. [See that new header image up there?] I recently cut a lot of my hair off so I thought it was time for some updated photos with my new short hair.

So, I got out the straightener, put makeup on, debated over my clothing choices and finally settled on a couple options.

Matt and I drove to a somewhat secluded area in Brainerd to try to create some images that fit my brand and future plans for my business.

We encountered hot sun, a relentless breeze, gazillions of sand-prickers and the tricky task of changing clothes in the middle of an open field with a road and traffic not too far away.

Matt did a great job though, and I'm pleasantly surprised and pleased with the photos we walked away with.

However, just like most of my sessions, there were a couple funny outtakes that I thought were too good not to share.

Here's a secret about me, I don't like bees. Oh, you knew that already?? If you have been around me much, you know how I freeze up and shriek when they fly by me. I look so mature and professional doing it during my sessions and weddings too. [I think I could probably control myself if it was during a ceremony though. I think I could squealch the shriek if it was during a ceremony. Yep, I think I could.]

I was sitting down for a series of images when a HUGE bee flew right at my head. These images are the result.
LKR_4480 LKR_4486
See, photography is fun!


  1. Ha ha- love it, Laura! I'm a bee-a-phobic myself so I totally get it. :)

  2. Haha, we spend tons of time photographing outside and we are STILL afraid!! I just can't help it! :)

  3. I know, right? Oh well. At least I know I'm not the only one! ;)

  4. Well, thank you Helene! :)


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