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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Parsons Family | Baxter, MN | Family Photography

I have known Ali for years; since middle school! We shared many awkward moments and laughs in those formative junior high years, and have been friends since. I remember sleepovers at her house way back when, and seeing her siblings who were in elementary school at the time.

Fast forward more than a decade. Last winter, Ali contacted me about gifting her parents a family session for Christmas. I'm in! So a few weeks ago the whole Parsons family gathered together for the first time since Christmas and I photographed them at their family home in Baxter on Perch Lake.

I loved so many things about this session. First, I thought their clothing choices and color palette were awesome, and complimented the natural greens of summer perfectly! Second, they are such a happy bunch, always laughing, joking and teasing each other. No fake smiles in this group! Third, the lake was picture-perfect that day; calm and blue, and the sun was shining it's golden evening light down on us. The recipe for magic! I think the photos reflect that magic.

Parsons Family - thank you all so much for such a fun session! I loved working with you guys, and I hope you feel the joy that is the essence of your family when you look at these images!
Parsons_0003 Parsons_0015 Parsons_0017 Parsons_0023 Parsons_0026 Parsons_0028 Parsons_0035 Parsons_0037 Parsons_0039

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