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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hannah + Justin - Married! | Staples, MN | Wedding Photography

Hannah and Justin met at a wedding.

Then, three years and an adorable daughter later, they became husband and wife at their own wedding on a warm Saturday in July.

Surrounded by family and friends, their wedding day was an up beat and hilarious celebration of love and laughter. It carried on well into the night with the dance floor packed and glow sticks streaking through the air.

Hannah and Justin - it was so wonderful to work with the two of you and your family on your wedding day. I hope these images always remind you of what an amazing day it was and how it felt to become husband and wife that day. Enjoy! xoxo, Laura
BrowenWedding_0002 BrowenWedding_0008 BrowenWedding_0037 BrowenWedding_0040 BrowenWedding_0060 BrowenWedding_0061 BrowenWedding_0156 BrowenWedding_0159 BrowenWedding_0163 BrowenWedding_0182 BrowenWedding_0198 BrowenWedding_0224 BrowenWedding_0228 BrowenWedding_0256 BrowenWedding_0240 BrowenWedding_0263 BrowenWedding_0281 BrowenWedding_0292 BrowenWedding_0296 BrowenWedding_0321 BrowenWedding_0351 BrowenWedding_0378 BrowenWedding_0384 BrowenWedding_0404 BrowenWedding_0422 BrowenWedding_0435 BrowenWedding_0480 BrowenWedding_0493

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