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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Austin Family | Brainerd, MN | Family and Child Photography

Ohhhh, this family.

They are full of joy, laughter, and just plain beauty. Aren't they a beautiful bunch???

We met on a warm and particularly mosquito-y evening, and the poor kiddos were getting eaten alive. So we worked as fast as we could and laughed the entire time.

After the session, they invited me into their home for a pop and even asked me to stay for dinner. If Matt hadn't been planning on me for dinner, I would have probably stayed all night.

Austin family - THANK YOU for the amazing session! I can feel the joy of your family radiating from these photos. I hope you love them! xoxo
Austin_0018 Austin_0023 Austin_0028 Austin_0034 Austin_0040 Austin_0049 Austin_0057


  1. Really gorgeous photos of a lovely and lively family! Love the colors they chose.

  2. Thank you, Mary! I know, aren't they colors great?! I was saying the same thing the whole time we were shooting!


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