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Sunday, June 3, 2012

2012 Buffalo Triathlon | Buffalo, Minnesota

This was Matt's second year competing in the Buffalo Triathlon. He did the sprint distance last year and did great. He loved the race, so he entered the olympic distance race for this year.

There were 1,500 racers this year, and 25 different swim waves. It was crazy seeing all the racers and spectators! The Lakes Area Multisport group had a great turnout with at least a dozen racers, some who raced the sprint and some who raced the olympic. The weather was amazing and there was a lot of support and enthusiasm from the spectators. It all came together to be a great day!

Matt did a phenomenal job. He placed 39th out of 387 Olympic racers, and won 1st out of 33 in his age group. He won a sweet gift certificate and is planning on investing in an aero helmet with his winnings. There were several other LAMS racers who placed in the top three of their age groups, so once again, it was a great race for the Brainerd crew. It will be fun to see how the rest of the races of the season play out!
LKR_5650 LKR_5652 LKR_5664 LKR_5683 LKR_5706 LKR_5714 Time for the bike portion! LKR_5731 LKR_5739 LKR_5750 LKR_5789 LKR_5802 LKR_5816 LKR_5821 LKR_5832 LKR_5840 LKR_5861 LKR_5873 Coming in off the bike! LKR_5882 LKR_5895 As the bikers were coming in, a HUGE flock of geese flew overhead. I had to take a break from racer-shooting to geese-shoot. LKR_5899 LKR_5900 LKR_5906 LKR_5912 In transition before the run. LKR_5920 LKR_5930 The sprinters started coming in! LKR_5935 LKR_5944 LKR_5951 LKR_5952 The home stretch! LKR_5966 Done! LKR_5977 More of the olypmic racers coming in! LKR_5988 LKR_5998 LKR_6009 LKR_6019 LKR_6028 LKR_6034 LKR_6042 Afterwards, as we were waiting for the awards ceremony, the Killer Hayseeds played. They were awesome! LKR_6044 LKR_6049 Some of the happy LAMS racers! Congrats to you all on a great race day! LKR_6076

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