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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's Ok NOT To Smile - Weekly Photography Tips

The most highly coveted type of photo always seems to be one of your subject smiling.

Am I right?

We always want and strive to capture photos of the people smiling, laughing, having fun.

These photos can be amazing and perfect and exactly what the frame on the wall needs to be complete.

But sometimes, it's ok not to smile.

Sometimes, it's ok not to try to coax a smile out of a child. To just let them be. To just take the photos and capture them as is, without trying to make them laugh or smile, or the worst - make them give you a fake smile.

For today's photo tip, I want to challenge you NOT to make your subjects smile. I want you to just take their photo without changing their expression. Capture that straight face, that inquisitive stare. Those photos can be just as beautiful, if not more poignant and captivating than ones with traditional smiles can be.
Hall_0009 Brittany_Oliver_0012 Colin1Yr_0047 Madura_0016
Stay tuned next Tuesday for another photo tip!


  1. You are totally right! This is something I struggle with as a photography. Trying to get that "perfect" image of everyone looking/smiling. It's not easy!

  2. Hi Sara! It sure isn't easy to get everyone looking and smiling! I embrace the opportunity to get photos where people aren't looking or smiling - some of my most favorite images come from those situations! :)

  3. Great tip : ) I could care less about smiles usually! I just like to capture life as it happens!

  4. Amen, Becky! I 100% agree! :)


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