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Monday, April 16, 2012

Coffee Shop Confessions - A Play by Mary Aalgaard

Last Friday night, Matt and I went to the original play Coffee Shop Confessions, written by local playwright Mary Aalgaard.

Mary and I were introduced via the blog world and mutual friends, and we have since become friends. I missed out on the opportunity to go to the first two showings of Coffee Shop Confessions, so when they opened up ticket sales for 4 more encore performances, I jumped at the chance to buy Matt and I tickets.

The play, which took place at the Coco Moon coffee shop is about a group of people who work/frequent a local coffee shop and are all friends. The play explores their lives, and the triumphs and struggles they each go through. I laughed and laughed, and at points, I felt anger bubbling up inside me as well as tears for the struggles the characters were facing. It was like reading a book and watching a movie but even better, because it was happening 10 feet in front of me!

There are two more performances of Coffee Shop Confessions, this Thursday and Friday [April 19th/20th] at The Shante in Pillager. As of right now, there are still tickets left [$5/person] and the play starts at 6:30pm. It will fill up fast though, so go early to grab your seat.

I want to give a shout out to Mary for her first original full length play. I am so proud of you and the masterpiece you have created! It was so fun to watch you all, and to see your dream come to life. Keep on chasing your dreams, and I can't wait for the next play!

If you go see the play, I'd love to hear what you think!


  1. Laura, thank you so much. How did I miss this when you posted it? I guess I've been caught up in the rush. It has been a wild and wonderful ride. I am so glad you came to the show. What a glowing review. Thank you. I take a bow.

    Play off the Page

  2. Well said! I too am proud of Mary. Putting yourself out there like she did takes a ton of courage. Over 400 people saw the play and the response was so positive. Our community was so supportive of this project!! I hope to meet you ,Laura! I hear so many great things about you! Great blog!

  3. Hi Krista! Thanks for stopping by! Wow, 400 people?! So awesome!! And maybe there will be more showings in the future! I would love to meet you too!


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