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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

These Randoms

This is my first post written from my iPad. Holla!

If you could watch me type on this thing and see the hilarious typos I make... Well. We would all have 6 packs from laughing. Or you would think I never passed 2nd grade.

Today's blog is a quick recap of the random events of the last week or so.

- The ice went out in my parent's bay yesterday. On March 20th. In Minnesota. Global warming at it's best!

- The fact the ice is now gone makes me insanely excited. That means crappie fishing has arrived!

- Last weekend, my dad, Matt and I had the first bonfire of the season. Complete with homemade wild rice brats and s'mores.

- While we were waiting for the fire to get going, we heard and saw two owls in the woods. We proceeded to watch them start in a mating dance complete with bizarre noises and calls. It led to us watching two owls mate. It was like National Georgraphic in real life!

- On Monday, I got our 2011 taxes done. Happily, we don't owe a ton in, which means I did a good job estimating my business projections for the year. So thankful for Martha, our tax lady!

- Monday evening, I almost caused a head on collision in downtown Brainerd. Blessedly, God prevented any actual colliding from happening, and the guy in the other vehicle didn't even flip me the bird. It is a miracle and I felt bad all night for not watching where I was going.

- I am addicted to the show Pretty Little Liars and watched the season finale Mondy night. I am kind of disgruntled though because I really want to know what is going on and who is controlling who, and while the episode was good and I even covered my eyes at one point, I have more questions now than before. That is probably exactly what the writers had in mind.

- Plans for the next Love Your Camera workshop are being finalized. I am excited to talk photography and help a new group of photo enthusiasts learn about their cameras!

- I get to see my sister this weekend! I haven't seen her since Christmas! That is the second longest we have ever been apart, behind the time between me moving to Hawaii and them coming to visit.

- Lastly, I got a car wash on Sunday for the first time in over a year. I know. Disgusting. And then, Monday night we had torrential downpours. Typical.

Happy Wednesday!

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