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Friday, February 3, 2012

Do They Ever Get Used To It?

Do you think movie stars ever get used to seeing their faces on magazines, tabaloids, billboards, clothing, and movie theater walls?

Do you think singers ever get used to hearing their voices on the radio, or having people know ever single word to their songs at their concerts?

Do you think clothing designers, or Blake Mycoskie of TOMS ever gets used to seeing people all over the world wearing pieces that they created? That they dreamed up?

Does the novelty ever wear off?

No matter what I do in my life, no matter where life takes me, I hope that I never get so used to anything that I stop appreciating it. I don't ever want to take it for granted. I don't ever want to get used to it.

I still get amazingly giddy when I see photos that I have taken hung up on my client's walls. I get butterflies when I open a Christmas card and see photos that I took in them. I say to myself, and sometimes out loud - “I took that! Yay, I took that!”

A month or two ago, I got an email asking me for permission to use some of my personal photos from my blog on a local marathon's website. After giving my permission, I was given the link to the site, and lo behold, there are my photos, on the Run For The Lakes website. You can see the photos here [hi, Matt's backside!], here and here.

Every time I see my photos either up on a wall, used in a card, on a website, or in a publication, I catch my breath. I think, “Is this real?”

I will never get used to it. I will cherish it forever.

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