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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Moon

These last three weeks have been WINTER. Last week, it was so cold outside, my ice scraper snapped right in two while I was attempting to scrape my windows. I had to jump-start my brother-in-law's car the other morning so he could get to school. In the 5 minutes we were standing outside hooking up the cables, my cheeks froze in place and my breath turned the ends of the hair framing my face white with ice.

It is COLD.

But before two weeks ago, it was balmy. It was SPRING-like. It was amazing.

One night before we sunk into the cold snap, I looked out the window after working on my office for most of the day, and I saw a gorgeous sunset starting to form. I quickly threw on shoes and a fleece [that's all I needed to wear outside that night!] and took a walk around the block. I came home right as the sunset was deepening into a stunning display of pinks and purples. Of course, I ran inside to get my camera and took a couple of photos. 
LKR_6398 LKR_6397
Then, I turned to face the other direction and saw the most beautiful and HUGE moon. It made me stop and stare, it was so gorgeous.
If you have ever tried to photograph the moon though, you know how tough it is to get a good shot. It's impossible to have the detail in the moon show up, while still showing detail in the trees/sky/other areas around the moon, because of how bright the moon is.
But anyway.

The moon was beautiful. The night was beautiful. Until there are more nights like that, I'll be content to look at these photos.

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