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Friday, January 6, 2012

A Fresh Start for 2012

It is a new year. 2012.

A fresh start. A clean slate.

As I look forward at what 2012 might hold, I have listed three key words or phrases that I intend to use as my guides. These markers reflect what I hope 2012 can be for me.


Stay Present.


These are my guides. 

I want to simplify my life; to live more simply. This means less materialism, less stuff. This also means mentally, emotionally and spiritually too - I want to live simply in all aspects of my life. Being able to rid my mind and heart of baggage that weighs me down and doesn't lift me up. To stop focusing on the things in life that don't matter and instead focus on what does. That is my goal - to live simply and to simplify.

I want to stay present. I want to actively live in the present. Not dwelling on the past or agonizing over the future. Yes, I can reflect on where I've been and anticipate what is ahead, but within reason. The main focus of my energy, thoughts and actions needs to be right here. Right now. In the present moment. Because that is all I really have.

I want to enjoy it all. The good, the bad. The hard, the easy. I want to enjoy the ride. This goes hand in hand with staying present; I want to enjoy where I am right now, this minute. Whatever I am doing, I want to enjoy it. If it's a particularly hard or low point, then I want to enjoy the fact that I'm alive to at least be here to go through the low point. Enjoy the fact that if it indeed is a low point, it will get better. Enjoy the fact that this too, shall pass. I was to enjoy it all.

These are the words I have chosen for myself, for my 2012 year. It is a fresh start; a clean slate. 
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