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Friday, December 9, 2011

Twenty Six

I remember my golden birthday like it was yesterday. I remembered the year after my golden birthday – the year I hit double digits! I remember turning 18 and playing nickel slots at a local casino, and I remember turning 21 in college, and hitting up a couple Duluth bars with my roommates.

I am twenty six today.

In the blink of an eye, I am no longer in my low-twenties anymore. I'm barely hanging on to my mid-twenties.

How did this happens? WHEN did this happen?

There are times when I feel very old. When I see the graduation years of the current high schoolers and then think back to my graduation year – 2004. Woah. When I see the birth dates of the kids who are currently in high school. That makes my age felt.

There are other times though, that I feel very young. Days when I feel like I'm still floundering through the beginning stages of adulthood. Days when I feel like I'm at the very beginning of my journey through life.

I know that my age and how 'old' I am depends on who's asking or listening. But right now, I feel oddly old, and yet so young at the same time. I'm excited to see what the next 4 years of my twenties hold, and then what the decade of my thirties holds after that. If these last 26 years have been any indication, I'm in for a good ride.


  1. Happy Birthday, Laura! Don't worry- you're still closer to 25 than you are to 30. :) You really start to feel old when you're 28.5 and can no longer be considered in your "mid twenties". :) Enjoy your day!

  2. Y'know what makes me feel old?? When one of my baby cousins turn 26!! :)

    Much love and wishes for the happiest of birthdays!!

    Angela Price

  3. You guys are too funny. I feel like I graduated only a few years ago and it will almost be 14 years ago. Who am I trying to kid, I'm old. Happy Birthday Laura!


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