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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kyria - Senior Graduation Photos - Alexandria, MN and Brainerd, MN

Last month, I received an email from Kyria's mom. In the email, Kimberly told me their family's story - they were originally from Brainerd but had recently moved to Missouri because of a job change. Their daughter Kyria, who is a senior this year, hadn't had her senior photos taken before the move and was now fighting with the disappointment of having to take her senior photos in a place that has no emotional ties or memories of hers. Moves can be tough for everyone, but as a senior in high school? Way tough.

Kimberly had an idea. She wanted to know if I traveled and if I was interested in possibly photographing Kyria's senior portraits. Yes, I travel, and I'd love to photograph Kyria. Where? As it turns out, Kyria's grandparents live just outside of Alexandria, MN on a beautiful lake. Their property holds tons of memories from Kyria's childhood and Kimberly thought it would be the perfect spot for her graduation photos. I was in!

A few weeks ago, Kyria was able to come up from MO for a quick visit. I met her down in Alexandria at her grandparents house and we spent the afternoon shooting around their property. This session struck a special chord with me. I'm not sure what exactly made it so special to me - maybe it's the last breath of Fall that can be felt in the photos, or Kyria's amazing Old Gringo boots, or maybe her gorgeous hair and vibrant smile. Maybe all of the above. As I pressed "Home" on my GPS and drove away from Kyria and her grandparent's amazing property, my heart was full and my face was beaming. I truly love my job.

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Kyria, you already know how I feel about you, your session and your photos... I think I've made that clear in my emails. :) Thank you again for being such a great sport and for being so darn pretty. Good luck in your future adventures! Kimberly, thank you for contacting me in the first place, and thank you for trusting me with your daughter's senior photos. I'm so thankful our paths crossed. xx, Laura

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  1. Laura- these are simply beautiful. My favorite of all of your work yet!


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