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Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Special!

I thought about participating in the Black Friday craze once a few years ago.

But then I remembered that I don't like crowds or standing in line, my shopping attention span in about 30 minutes tops, and I detest waking up early. So I decided to skip that tradition.

It's an integral part of the retail business, and I hope that it's a fun, safe, and profitable experience for both the shoppers and the retailers. I'll be sleeping until probably 8am and participating in other Christmas traditions like decorating the tree at my parent's house, and watching the lighting festival in Nisswa.

In honor of Black Friday and all of the discounts, deals and savings, I thought I'd offer a little Black Friday Special for Laura Radniecki Images.

It goes like this:

$50 off the session fee of a Portrait or Graduation Session!

Session must take place by 12/31/12.

Signed contract and deposit due by midnight 11/30/11. The 30th happens to be Matt and my 10th anniversary of being 'us.'

Email me at lauraradniecki@gmail.com with questions or to book your session and receive the discount!

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