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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Badlands, South Dakota and Famous Wall Drug

On our way back to Minnesota, we stopped at the famous Wall Drug. I'm sure you've heard of Wall Drug; it's the Free Ice Water store! I didn't really know what Wall Drug was all about until I read the story behind how it came to be, and how it began giving away free ice water. It's a pretty great story; definitely worth the read.

I also had no clue how huge the store is! It's actually about 30 stores, all connected by hallways and corridors. It is like being in an old western town, which is entirely the idea. Again, we were there in the off season, so some of the attractions weren't available. But seriously, what an amazing place.


Have you been to the Badlands National Park in South Dakota? 

No? Go. You really should. It's like being on the moon.

I have been to a lot of the awesome national parks that our country has and nothing is quite like the Badlands. The colors, the rough and jagged formations... I feel like I am on another planet, not just outside of Rapid City, South Dakota.

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God is so good and His creations are simply amazing. I feel so lucky to live in a place with such wonder within a day's driving distance. Have you explored the wonders of America lately?

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed your trip to Rapid City and the Badlands. The Badlands are truly a wonder to see. If you are ever making a return trip to our area please feel free to use our trip planning website; www.VisitRapidCity.com


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