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Monday, November 7, 2011

The 2011 Wedding Contest

We're going to do something fun and new this year. As a way to celebrate the end of my 2011 Wedding Season, I thought it would be fun to have a contest.

What kind of contest, you say?

It's going to be a contest over at the Laura Radniecki Images Facebook Page. Here's what will happen. Starting tomorrow [Tuesday, 11/8] I'll have an album created for 2011's Weddings with a photo of each of my couples from this year.** The contest is to see which photo can get the most "Likes" to the image from tomorrow until Friday 11/11/11. The winner will get a special wedding gift.

Simple, right? I thought so!

The rules are:

-The winner will be the photo with the most "Likes." The number of comments on each photo won't be used in choosing a winner, to guard against one person commenting multiple times.

-The contest will run until Friday, 11/11/11 when I'll see which couple's photo has the most likes. I'll notify them both publicly on the Facebook page and also via email.

So starting tomorrow, stay tuned to the Laura Radniecki Images Facebook Page and watch for the announcements about the start of the contest. Use the powers of Facebook [statuses, sharing blog posts/statuses/albums etc] to direct people to the page and vote for your photo.

Good luck to all of 2011's wedding couples and a major thank you for an amazing season!

**The 2011 Wedding Contest will include photos of each wedding couple who I know has Facebook. There are several of my couples from this year who I don't think have or use FB. If you are one of those couples, do have FB and would like to be added in, send me an email and I'll get you added! 

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