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Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Color and Leaf Drives

It's no secret that I adore summer. I love heat, I often like humidity [within reason] and I covet the sunshine. Changing seasons makes me nostalgic and melancholy, especially when the seasons are changing toward my least favorite season of all - winter. But a few years ago, I started to really pay attention to the beauty that is Fall. The crisp temperature of the air. The color of the leaves. The smell of bon fires and the feel of wearing a jacket for the first time in months. I still hate winter, but I cherish the fleeting moments of Fall.

This past week, the leaves starting changing at a rapid rate. My family is big on 'Leaf Drives' - driving around to look at the leaves. I went on several this week and took my new lens along to snap some photos. I wish these colors lasted a couple of months instead of the mere days or weeks that they actually do. It's a rainbow in the trees. God is good.

LKR_5735 LKR_5737 LKR_5792 LKR_5859 LKR_5868 LKR_5873 LKR_5877 Blo1 LKR_5886
This picture below is pretty neat - see now there's a space between the ground and maybe 3 feet up the trunk of each tree where there's no leaves? It's just a dark space before the leaves grow? That's from deer walking through and eating all the leaves on the lower parts of the trees. It's just bared from the ground to about 3 ft tall, all over in the woods.
LKR_5912 LKR_5926 LKR_5931 Blog2
We came across a young porcupine when we were driving along. See him on the log, staring at me?
These leaves fascinate me. They look like they had paint dripped all over them. So weird!

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