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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Waldron Family - Benedict, MN Family and Child Photography

When I got an email from Courtney about the potential of photographing her family's annual vacation trip to Benedict, MN I had to look that city up because I didn't know where it was located. Turns out, it's just west of Walker, MN - a place I've been to multiple times. I love going to new spots to photograph because I get to explore, challenge myself creatively and usually end up with lots of new favorite images.

The Waldron family comes up to Benedict, MN from Iowa every summer to spend two weeks at the Borde Du Lac Lodge. They have been coming up for decades, and this is their home away from home. When a family has such a rich tradition built up at a vacation spot like that, it's so fun for me to photograph because there are countless stories of their time spent there. Each spot on the resort grounds has a "remember when..." attached to it. This family was vibrant, fun and so photogenic!

To the Waldron family - thank you for having me come up to your Minnesotan home away from home. I so enjoyed meeting you all and seeing a new slice of Minnesota paradise. Enjoy! xx, Laura
This next photo holds special significance to the family - it's a replica of a photo they took several years ago. The kids are in order of age, and so we recreated it again this year to see how they have all grown and changed. I'm thinking that this photo will be an every few years occurrence, even as the kids grow into adulthood. How cool is that?

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