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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nik + Breanna - Gull Lake Yacht Club - Brainerd, MN Wedding Photography

Breanna and Nik's wedding was a first for me. Breanna is my cousin; our moms are sisters, and so this was my first time photographing a family member's wedding. Ever since I met Nik last year, I knew he and Breanna were the perfect match.

Their wedding was held at the Gull Lake Yacht Club. The weather forecast was not looking good leading up to their wedding day. Right as the First Look happened, the clouds started to roll in, and I thought we were going to get wet. God provided again though, and despite the clouds, we had no rain throughout the portraits. Because of the sketchy forecast, Breanna's parents got a tent with sides, and that came in handy when it did rain a little during the ceremony. But then, as soon as the ceremony was over, the rain went away and the rest of the night was beautiful. Their wedding was full of laughs, games, and nautical themed decor. It was a night to remember!
Blog1 ThompsonWedding_0018 ThompsonWedding_0021 ThompsonWedding_0025
Beautiful Gull Lake.
ThompsonWedding_0036 Blog2 Blog3 Blog4 Blog5 ThompsonWedding_0118 ThompsonWedding_0141 ThompsonWedding_0195
The cutest ring bearer ever. This is Colton, my cousin's son - aka Breanna's nephew.
ThompsonWedding_0213 ThompsonWedding_0219 ThompsonWedding_0236 ThompsonWedding_0240 ThompsonWedding_0250
Mr. and Mrs. Thompson!!
ThompsonWedding_0257 Blog6 ThompsonWedding_0291 ThompsonWedding_0335 ThompsonWedding_0338
Instead of doing a Dollar Dance, Breanna and Nik decided to incorporate their love of games into their wedding day and do a bean bag toss instead. The bean bags were hand-sewn by Breanna's grandma, in their wedding colors. The game was a huge hit! 
ThompsonWedding_0363 ThompsonWedding_0384
The winner - the one who got their bag closest to the bucket!
ThompsonWedding_0385 ThompsonWedding_0388 ThompsonWedding_0392 ThompsonWedding_0402 ThompsonWedding_0407
Nothing like a little Bride-sandwhich.
How about a Groom-sandwhich?
ThompsonWedding_0415 ThompsonWedding_0464 ThompsonWedding_0467 ThompsonWedding_0471
Breanna and Nik - thank you both so much for trusting your wedding day photography with me. It was so fun to work side by side with you guys on one of the biggest days of your lives! I wish you all the best and can't wait for more family get togethers and hopefully some game nights in the future! xx, Laura

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  1. These are great, Laura! You have such an eye for catching the little moments of such an important day!


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