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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dream Big

I've always been a dreamer. I like to think big, and to dream these wild dreams that sometimes seem so crazy that it's almost a waste of time to entertain them.

I read this quote today by the wicked talented Alex Beadon - "DREAM BIG, PEOPLE! Dream bigger than big. Dream huge."

I have been doing this a lot lately. Matt and I both have. We have big dreams. Huge dreams. Dreams that by some people's standards seem either extremely hard to reach or quite plainly impossible. 

Watch us.

We are dreaming huge and going for them! We are going to reach for them and get there. Together.

The process of following these dreams isn't going to be totally smooth sailing. It's full of uphill battles and challenges. Full of the unknown. But it's worth it. It will be worth it in the end.

My business has been undergoing some changes and some restructuring in the past month or two. The way I structure my sessions has changed and will be a change for previous clients who have worked with me in the beginning of my business. These changes, although difficult in ways, were much needed. They were well thought out and calculated. And prayed about too. My goal is to create an even more personalized and focused experience for my clients, while giving them maximum choices and options, and continuing to make them happy. Making them glad they chose to invest in their family memories with me. All this, while making significant strides toward Matt and my future goals. 

The next few years are full of unknowns. There is fear and anxiety and worry ahead. There is uncertainty and frustration. But there is also hope and optimism and achievement. And a whole bunch of happiness.

Let's dream big, ok? 

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