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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Ryan Family - Brainerd, MN Child and Family Photography

I love multigenerational sessions. There's something so special to me about seeing someone who has lived 7+ decades and has the stories and life wisdom to prove it, interacting with someone who is coming up on their first birthday. The dichotomy of age and of appearance are so intriguing to me. The wrinkles and the soft baby skin. The seasoned, knowing eyes and the curious gaze of the child. Old and young.

This was one of those sessions that reminded me why I do what I do; of the real reason I go to these sessions and continue to press the shutter. To capture these moments. To document a great-grandma, snuggling her great-granddaughter. To freeze these moments so that when that great-granddaughter is 50 or even 80, she'll still have that photograph to look back on, to recall a day when 4 generations were gathered to celebrate life.

To the Ryan Family - thank you so much for having me come and photograph you when you were all together. It touched my heart, and I hope you love these images. xx, Laura

Here is Anika with her great-grandma and then her grandma. So much love for this little girl!
Anika and her grandpa. I get such a kick out of her expressions, the way she is just staring at her grandpa.
Anika and Uncle Jake time! The photo on the right is one of my top favorites from this summer. I can't handle it, I start laughing every time I see it!
The reason for the session: Family. Four generations gathered here.
This last photo hits me in the heart; I really love it. At the Ryan house, there is a stone out in the front of the yard, with the anniversary date of Ashley and Mike's wedding. Here's the product of that wedding date - their beautiful daughter. Isn't that profound? For some reason, it makes a lump form in my throat and I can't get rid of it!


  1. Amazing. So Amazing. LR, rest assured that you are doing exactly what you were meant to do. What makes these photos incredible is not just the moments but the ability to capture them the way you do. You have an incredible gift LR behind that lense! Everytime EVERYTIME I look at your photos I am struck by that! <3 Jen


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