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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Adventures of a Wedding Photographer

This past weekend, I headed to Sauk Rapids to photograph a wedding. The forecast wasn't looking the best so I was praying hard for some decent weather, and leaving the rest up to God. It was the most amazing wedding day of one truly beautiful couple. They are not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside too. I'm so excited to dive into editing their wedding photos and to eventually show you them.

The day was filled with little bumps and hiccups that make me chuckle looking back. Here's a recap of the day's most fun adventures:

-Google Maps gave me an address for the church that our new GPS said didn't exist. It took 30 minutes of the 60 minute drive for me to try to locate the church, call the personal attendant to get the correct address, and get us on the right course.

-We arrived at the church and I looked around in awe. It was located right next to a wildlife refuge so the location was just beautiful. There was a pond in the back with a little white bridge. To top it off, a darling family of geese were napping near the pond. Fast forward 20 minutes later, I'm walking around the premise looking for spots to photograph the jewelry, shoes etc and I look down at the grass. There is goose poop everywhere! Guess what Laura - where there is geese, there is poop! Lesson learned!

-The wet soggy grass soaked my TOMS in 5 seconds flat. Luckily, I was too busy being my hyperactive adrenaline rush self and hardly even noticed.

-Wet grass and goose poop meant that we had to be VERY careful when positioning the bride for the photos. Thanks to a great personal attendant and an empty plastic garment bag that quickly became known at "the poop bag," we were able to prevent any dress disasters and capture some really amazing photos.

-When the stretch hummer limo came to take the wedding party on their drive to the reception, the driver told me I could hop into the front seat and shoot a photo through the window separating the cab from the back. Let's say I had to be very careful to prevent a flashing disaster as I sat backwards in the front seat and covered my backside with my camera bag. Classy!!

-I didn't get around to photographing the rings until the reception. While the rest of the guests finished eating, I took the rings out into the patio to find a spot with natural light to photograph them in. The patio had several tables that were full of beer bottles. By kneeling up on a chair and using my macro lens, I was able to photograph the rings on the beer bottle table, and no, there were no beer bottles in the photos. I figured people might be wondering why on earth I was photographing rings on a beer bottle-covered table and I was right. I had a couple people ask me what I was doing out there, photographing beer bottles and I let them in on the truth. In the final images, you won't be able to tell it was shot a foot from a Bud bottle!

We rolled back into Brainerd at 11:30pm and we both stumbled into the house, ready for bed. As I thought back about the day, I had to laugh at the hilarious mishaps that were sprinkled throughout one of the most emotional and sweet weddings I've seen. Did I mention that I really love my job? Boring, it is not.

P.S. I thought about including a photo of the goose poop to spice up this post. Yes, Matt made sure to take a photo of it for me to remember the day by. But then I figured A - that'd be gross, and B - I don't know how many times I can say poop without increasing my spam comments ten-fold. You can thank me for leaving out the photo later. :)

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  1. Ha ha! Love this! The things we do for the love of photography... :)


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