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Saturday, June 4, 2011

4 Tries to a Self Portrait

I guess it's not really a self portrait, because it's not just of me. But regardless, this is what it looks like when Matt and I try to take a photo of the two of us with my D700 and 50mm. The 50mm isn't wide enough when I hold it out in front of us, and I back button focus, so it's extremely difficult to get a quality portrait with the focus locked on.

Since we have ancient cell phones that take tragically horrid photos, this self portrait of the two of us will have to do. Getting IN the photo is more important than what the photo looks like, right? Plus, the blooming crab apple tree was too beautiful not to try for a photo. Too bad our heads block out most of the pretty blossoms!


  1. Too funny! I have never tried that...maybe I should. Maybe some cheap entertainment for me and my husband! Haha! Very cute!

  2. Adorable!!!I wish I could take your picture!! You two are soooo cute!


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