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Friday, May 6, 2011

Kevra - Brainerd, MN Business Headshots

Kevra and I met through mutual acquaintances; she is family friends with one of the families I have worked with several times over the past year and then we became friends on Facebook. One day, she asked me if I would be interested in taking some photos of her for her new website. She wanted her bio photos to not be formal; she wanted something more relaxed, real and reflective of her. I think we hit the nail right on the head with these photos.

I plan to do another post in the future about Kevra and her business [she's a business coach, helping people push their businesses to where they can go], with a link to her new website once it's all finished. For now, here is the lovely Kevra in some of her new bio photos!


*If you are in need of some new bio photos for yourself, your business or for whatever you need bio photos for, and you want something different than the norm, let's talk. You know by now that I'm not an indoor studio photographer, and my work is not corporate traditional. If you want something that reflects you, I think we're a good match!

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