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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Right Path

Do you ever wonder if you are on the right path?

Or when you come to a fork in the road, and you are faced with different options, each with big results or drastic changes, do you wonder if you are picking the right way to go?

Sometimes, I get overwhelmed when I think about the future. Not out of concern, worry, or anxiety over anything particular like money or other physical comforts. More like, am I doing what I'm supposed to be doing? Are we [Matt and I] doing what we are supposed to be doing?

The future holds a lot of different options for Matt and I. He's graduating in December with his bachelors degree and from there, the sky's the limit. There are so many different options of which type of job to seek out, where to live, which of our passions to follow, how to make a difference in the world... it can be overwhelming. It is overwhelming sometimes.

I think though, that we will figure it out as we go along. We'll interpret those forks in the road when we reach them. We'll decide what's the right path for us when we see it.

Because right now, we are on the perfect path for us. We are exactly where we need to be.


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