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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mother Nature is a Tricky Gal

Two weeks ago, we had a day here in Minnesota, where it got up to 70 degrees. Down in the cities, it was even closer to 80 degrees. I wrote a post full of springtime love.

Then, Mother Nature came by and laughed at me. Over night, the day after all of the snow finally melted from the huge snow piles behind our house, we got 2 more inches of snow.

It was gross.


A few days ago, the weather forecast said that we were going to get a few more inches here soon. Of course we will; just after these 2 inches had melted!

Matt just informed me that maybe it might miss us. Here's to hoping!!


  1. Earlier this week they were talking about a foot of snow in our area. We ended up getting absolutely nothing... thank goodness. I'm SO over winter!

  2. Oh! I did hear this info on our local New Channel and I sooooo thought of you. I am glad it was only 2" and it can met fairly quick.

    Here crossing my fingers for Spring up your way!!


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