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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Get Biffed - Workshop Recap

I'm an introvert. I might not seem like it when I'm writing online, or when I'm interacting with clients or with people that I know, but when I don't know someone, I'm shy. I've been that way since I was young, and while my mom has tried to push me out of my comfort zone my entire life, I'm still an introvert.

It is because of this introvertedness that things like speeches or big groups of people that I don't know stress me out. They make me uncomfortable. I don't go to a lot of networking meetings. I am not a fan of small talk, and I don't like introducing myself to people. It makes me sweat. For real.

I've read about all kinds of photography workshops online and lots of them sound amazing and like such a great learning experience. I've never taken a leap and gone to one though. Partly because most aren't in my area, and largely because I'm too shy. I like to be in my own comfort bubble, and am content to read about it from behind my computer screen.

Then one day, I read a post by Biff Ulm about a workshop he was going to host. I think very highly of Biff's work, and I knew that learning from him would be beneficial. I also heard that several other of the local photographers who's work I also admire were going to be there. I felt like I had to take a closer look at this Get Biffed workshop. That didn't stop the introverted side of me from freaking out. 4 days with total strangers? Who would I share a room with? Who would I eat with? What if I was the worst photographer there? What if they hate me?

Ok, I didn't wonder if people were going to hate me, but all the rest of the thoughts are true. For some reason though, I felt like I needed to go. I felt like God put this workshop in my path for a reason. It happened to be at a time when I had an opening in my schedule. It was in a price range that I felt was worth every penny paid. It was only 2 hours from my home. I emailed Biff and asked how many spots were open - I wanted to know how long I could think about it. He told me there were 3 spots left. I had about a day.

So I slept on the decision and signed up the next morning.

It's now been 3 weeks since I got home from the workshop. It was a whirlwind 4 days and I came home exhausted and a bit overwhelmed, but at the same time energized and excited. I had new ideas for my business. I had information on how to optimize my workflow; how to do things better than what I had already been doing. I had people I could bounce ideas off of and people that have gone before me in the industry, and who were willing to share their knowledge with me. I had work to do!

In the days since the workshop, I have revamped my logo, launched a brand new website, and I have redone a lot of my behind the scenes things, like pricing guides and the like. I have new things planned for this year, and I've set some goals for myself, both personally and professionally for the year. I am ready for the snow to melt and for the wedding photography season to begin!

I was too busy letting my brain be a sponge for most of the workshop to take many photos. But I took a couple when we went out on our photo excursion. Mostly though, I was just soaking up the experience, watching how others approaching shooting. How Biff conducts a shoot and how he poses his clients. Oh, the invaluable information... Thanks, Biff for the amazing opportunity to not only meet other great photographers and to learn from you, but also for the support and encouragement to take the next steps in each of our own individual businesses. Thanks for challenging us to dig deeper and to really move our businesses forward, individually. I'm so glad I "got biffed!"



  1. Awesome! I love how attending a workshop can energize me.

  2. I think anyone named Biff just has to be COOL as can be. You are so pretty! I love these pictures.
    I also love those lenses. OH MY HEART! LOVE those lenses ; )

  3. It was truly one of the best experiences for my business, ever!


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