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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Real Reason I Went To Florida

Florida gave me a break from the snow and cold, as well as a mental break from all things business. I only checked my email two times and was otherwise fully disconnected. I read two books and got a little dose of natural Vitamin D from the sun. We bought fresh food at the farmers market, saw the manatees at Homosassa Springs, and walked through the Circle B Bar Reserve. We watched the Super Bowl and went to the pool.

All of that was amazing and great, but the bottom line of my trip - the true reason I came was for them.

My family.






I got to spend a week with my parents and my grandparents. In a warm place during winter. Without the pressures of work demands. That's why we came to Florida.

The only thing that would have made it better was if Matt could have come with. Next time.


  1. Oooooh. I bet it's so hard living far away from your family. :(

    Your week away sounds like it was absolutely lovely. And relaxing. And stress free.

    I wish I could come visit you for a week and you could give me lessons on how to take amazing shots like yours with my d700. I'm totally a jealous person.

  2. The best reason in the whole world to go anywhere is family, unless of course when they live with you and then they might still be the reason you go away for a vacation : ). I'm commenting here realizing I have an unfinished email to you sitting in my drafts. Yeesh... I had so many questions, it's taking forever to write and then once in drafts its lost until my memory gets jolted.


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